Garma Garam Samosa!

The three words that describe a Samosa experience. An experience that holds memories of our most loved snack. Of the slow crack of a piping hot Samosa , the gentle dip into a chutney & the hot fuzzy combo with a steaming chai. That’s the way… India’s SnacKing!

Ghar, Padosi, Bacchey
Ya Rishteydaar
Ek Samosa Toh Banta
Hai Yaar!!!!!

They say you don’t need an excuse to have a Samosa. It never asks you for one.  Like we didn’t need one to give it a surname.

Singh! Samosa Singh!

Read about our story and the road traveled so far by a team that loves this snack to call it …India’s Snacking !


Samosa Singh strives to bring the zing and excitement of the street food experience in its offerings and evoke a range of nostalgic emotions that associate us with our love for the rich Indian street food.


Chocossa, or simply the Chocolate Samosa. The one sweet & incredible innovation of our R&D team. It’s popularity needs no recitation since Chocossa is soaring to be brand in itself quite soon. 

Saaarrrrrr, I’m on the way!!!!!

A refrain that sounds so familiar while ordering food. Well, we spoil you for choices, when it comes to ordering from us. Choose from amongst our many delivery partners that bring us right to your doorstep. Might we add..on time!
Ever heard of a Deconstructed Samosa? You will if you have visited this place started up by a couple with immense love for Samosas. This place serves you Achari Murg Samosa, Chicken Kebab Roll, Aloo Masala Samosa, Kadai Paneer Samosa and many other variety of Samosas. Tried a few different Samosas from this place a couple of days ago and the taste was quite good. Served with Sauce, in a nicely packaged box, it was a feast to have these Samosas.
Samosa Singh is everything I ever expect a samosa to be and more. It is the classic recipe beloved by many but mastering it is not as easy as it tastes. Samosa Singh has carefully curated the perfect blend of samosas, chutney, and dishes made out of them. In fact the chutney is so damn perfect, it can sell as an individual item and I would end up buying it. I was a little apprehensive tasting the Chocossa but to tell you honestly, it's probably my favourite dessert right now. Simply put, you need to try it ASAP. Cheers!
Had ordered from Samosa Singh to satiate my samosa cravings. And, that was the best decision of the day. If you thought potato filling is the only filling in samosa, Samosa Singh proves you wrong. Especially the Kebab roll gets a special mention. I had also ordered samosa chaat. It was perfect. Tangy, sweet, spicy, crunchy, soft - it was a perfect blend of all these.