How Samosa came to India?

July 15, 2017

Samosa’s are one of the most popular Indian snacks. In-fact, Samosa’s are well known snack across the world and owing to its popularity it is known as “The International Snack.”  Samosas are triangular or tetrahedral in shape and is known by about 47 different names and it has about 1000 different varieties in terms of size, shape, fillings and texture etc.


Back in the 13th century samosa’s used to be eaten only by royalty, usually as a part of massive feast. Vegetarian samosa first originated in Uttar Pradesh.

Ever wondered how Samosa’s came to India? There are different theories to it and I am listing below a few of the most popular ones.


According to one belief, Merchants from Libya brought samosas to India. Initially it was named as “sanbusak”. Some said samosa was derived from Persian word sanbosag. Here are the some of the interesting facts about samosa.

“According to one Theory, Samosa probably travelled to india along ancient trade routes from Central Asia. Travellers would conveniently pack samosas into saddlebags as snacks for the next day’s journey”


“According to one belief, Samosa is an attempt to pay tribute to Pythagoras: The father and inventor of Trigonometry (3D Triangles) as he comes from the Greek town of samosa: Thus the triangle shape and name, Samosa”


“Samosa is known as “Singhara” in eastern India. It is believed that it derived its name and shape from water chestnut (Singhara fruit), which is associated with energy and is used in Hindu rituals for worship of Divine Shakthi”


Today samosas have become most popular snacks in many parts of the world. The main reason for the popularity is that samosa comes with many varieties based on the different geographical locations. Peoples in Hyderabad likes spicy foods hence samosa becomes spicy similarly peoples in coastal area likes sea foods, the samosa are baked with sea food which adds more taste to it. In Middle East countries people eat samosa which is stuffed with feta cheese, onions, minced chicken. In Maldives the samosa are called as bajiyaa (filled with mixture of fish and onions).


Each country has their own version of this delicious trianglular snack, Samosa. I am sure that whatever the version of this snack is: one thing is common and that is its delicious and crunchy taste.

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