Sr.Retail Operations Manager-Bangalore

Job Brief:-

                                 Retail operations managers are responsible for a variety of tasks, often involving many separate retail locations. One primary responsibility involves the management of employees, as well as ensuring that all locations are properly staffed and all employees are well-trained and satisfied with their jobs. These managers must handle any conflicts and ensure that all scheduling needs are met, which may mean regularly visiting retail locations to evaluate employee performance and customer satisfaction. 

                               Retail operations managers are also responsible for inventory analysis, which involves keeping track of sales figures and inventory requirements and using this information to make estimates on optimal stock levels.

                                Periodic inventory analysis is required to accurately determine how much of a product or brand should be ordered (and when) so the store can build sales figures without overstocking. To help a store meet its goals, the operations manager also evaluates whether the store is meeting its sales goals by analysing expenses and profits, and may adjust costs to maximize earnings. 

                                 Finally, retail operations managers responsible for maintaining the pleasing visual appearances of their retail locations in order to attract customers and optimize the use of space; they may also train employees to maintain their stores' appearances. Ideally, candidates for this position should have professional backgrounds in retail, business management,


Operations Manager, Retail Tasks

  • Oversee the management of product merchandising and inventory to ensure processes flow smoothly.

  • Analyze sales data to determine if store is meeting financial goals and implement plans to improve store performance.

  • Hire, train, and supervise department managers, set performance goals, resolve employee conflicts, and encourage teamwork.

  • Manage the different departments of a retail store in order to ensure the store reaches sales objectives.

  • Maintain, update, and enforce safety and security procedures.


Main Duties and Responsibilities: - 4 P’s



  • To effectively recruit, induct, lead, manage, train and develop Retail Area Manager, Retail Managers and Casual staff to agreed procedures and standards. 

  • To ensure the effective management of all retail staff and volunteers and to ensure adequate staffing levels throughout the business.

  • To give support to staff so they have the opportunity to develop their skills in the role and to achieve growth in sales.

  • To ensure that all performance issues, and other issues within the shop, are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. 

  • To promote a customer care approach within the retail business, investigating complaints or issues of poor customer care, both timely and efficiently.


  • To grow sales profit, and to motivate staff to achieve this same goal. 

  • To develop and grow a customer focus commercial operation including new shops to maximise available assets

  • To ensure awareness and account for competition, retail sector trends and current trading opportunities.

  • To manage the warehouse operation.





  • To develop corporate policy driving display, merchandising, pricing and grading whilst observing high street and Charity retail trends.

  • To monitor stock in each shop, ensuring there are adequate supplies. 

  • To identify methods of stock generation 

  • To maintain an awareness of the organisation’s priorities and promote the work




  • To collate information and other statistical reports on shops’ progress, or action planning as required, ensuring timely and accurate reporting of all aspects of administration, following up issues of discrepancies as required.

  • To instigate and implement new policies and working practices in conjunction with Directors and to undertake responsibility for ad-hoc initiatives, as and where appropriate.

  • To be responsible for the accurate completion and sign off of all staff records including salary and sickness reporting. 

  • To attend Board meetings as required by the Chief Executive




  • Direct and supervise retail staff across several retail outlets to ensure they meet set objectives

  • Provide training to retail employees to develop their skills and enhance their job performance.

  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures

  • Provide solutions that address performance issues in a timely and effective manner

  • Monitor the activities of the customer service department of retail outlets to ensure a satisfied clientele

  • Contact store managers and other retail staff to communicate relevant information

  • Mentor and motivate sales staff to put in their best in order to achieve financial goals

  • Develop and implement budget and plans for retail operations

  • Visit retail establishments to ensure efficient and effective management as well as high performance sales

  • Develop policies for the merchandising of goods in retail stores

  • Monitor inventory levels to determine the need for stock supply at each retail outlet

  • Set and regulate product pricing using results of market and demand analysis

  • Ensure compliance with health/safety policies and procedures at retail sites

  • Listen to customer complaints to address & resolve their issues

  • Evaluate operational and financial records to determine sales performance of a retail store

  • Organize all store operations and allocate responsibilities to personnel

  • Supervise and guide staff towards maximum performance

  • Prepare and control the store’s budget aiming for minimum expenditure and efficiency

  • Monitor stock levels and purchases and ensure they stay within budget

  • Deal with complaints from customers to maintain the store’s reputation

  • Inspect the areas in the store and resolve any issues that might arise

Experience level – 6+years 

Industry – FMCG/ F & B Industry

Salary – As per Industry Standards

Benefits – Attractive Potential Variables

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